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Can you identify yourself with one of these phases of growth in life? Similarly, there are spiritual growth phases in our walk with God. Approach your age group coordinators who will assist you in mapping out your next step in your Next Steps journey.

Let's begin!


New Life in Christ!

Welcome to your new life in Christ! The bible describes new believers as “new born babies!” And the next exciting event after a baby’s birth is his first step. 

Just like the excitement of watching a new-born baby take his first step, it is exciting for a new believer to take their next step in their walk with God. Every newborn needs to become acquainted with their family and learn the basic fundamentals of life.

Similarly, a new believer needs to learn the fundamental truths of a Christian life and come to be acquainted with the family of God. It is during this phase that a new believer discovers their new identity in Christ and gets to know his Heavenly Father in greater and deeper measures.



Next step in life

A child grows and takes his next step in life and into school. While in school, a child will be charmed with new discoveries about themselves and their surroundings.

As a new believer matures, he enters "school" and starts becoming equipped with a deeper understanding of spiritual things.He starts to recognize his God given gifts and personality traits, preparing him for service in the Kingdom. They also learn to interact and share their experiences and knowledge in an endeavor to lead others to Christ.



Service of some kind

As we grow and mature, we take on a service of some kind. In Singapore, the boys grow up to become men as they give of themselves in service to their nation.

Likewise, in the Kingdom of God, we come to a point of maturity where we desire to serve and be of value to the King and His people. We then avail ourselves for the service of His kingdom by involving ourselves in ways that would build His Church and His people



Kingdom of God

Our "spiritual muscles" are developed as we serve and love people in the Kingdom of God. That previous phase of growth gives us the ability and power that we need now to impact others and bear the responsibility of leadership.

This is the place where the mature Christian bears traces of Jesus in his character and is able to call others to discipleship as he follows the Master.


Next Steps classes are seasonal and are held weekly throughout the year. New classes will be released quarterly and opened for registration at our Next Steps booth on Sundays. 


Once the minimum class size is reached, the class will commence. You will be notified once the class is confirmed. Class duration, size and instructor varies across the different classes. 

The Essentials

Greatest discoveries

The lessons taught in the Essential Classes are the key components that are essential in the life of a growing Christian. Just as milk is the primary source of food for babies, so are the basic bible truths required for every Christian.

The bible teaches us that these essential teachings are truths that will train us to understand what is right and wrong; giving clarity in our approach to God and life. Topics may include: What is the church? How do I pray? Why must I study the Word of God? How do I study the Word? What does it mean to fellowship? How do I share the Word of God with my friends? Etc. 

The Enrichments

Enrich our lives

As the word suggests, the Enrichment classes serve as tools to enrich our lives. Christ came to give us not just life, but abundant life and these enrichment classes serve as tools to lead us to a life that is abundant and overflowing.

These classes aim and target at areas of our lives that are specific yet diverse. It meets current and diverse needs of a church body which may differ from individual to individual. 

Topics may include: Work life, Parenting, Financial Management, Relationships, etc.

The Equip

Practical skills

Practical skills are needed in our everyday life. We see the importance of these skills in school, at work and in ministry. These skills include things like photography, learning to play a musical instrument, video editing, how to create a PowerPoint presentation and more. We aim to develop a holistic individual, spiritually, relationally and with practical skills that will help them on their journey of reaching God's divine destiny for their lives. 

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